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We pride ourselves on providing exceptional quality throughout every aspect of our business.

All Work Guaranteed

All of our work comes with a minimum 10 year guarantee against structural decomposition and rust.


We are regularly complimented on the attitude of our Staff who ensure every order is the very best.


Proffswelders is 99% on-time with delivery of our products and services to all customers.

Our innovative solutions

When designing and fabricating a product, welding is often an essential part of the process, ensuring that the material remains sturdy and the design meets the specified requirements.

Durability is one thing, aesthetics is another – with us, neither are excluded! Thanks to specialised and experienced professionals, we maintain a high quality of connections, both in terms of strength and aesthetics. We specialise in carrying out welding works using the TIG and MIG / MAG methods.

TIG welding

TIG welding can be applied in all places, and its proper execution guarantees the weld with the best resistance to mechanical forces. The TIG method makes it possible to obtain an extremely clean and high-quality weld. The absence of slag as a by-product of the welding process, eliminates the risk of contamination of the weld.

TIG welding is one of the basic processes of manufacturing structures, especially from high-alloy steels, special steels, nickel alloys, aluminium, magnesium, titanium and other reactive and heat-resistant metals and alloys, in a wide range of joint thicknesses from tenths of mm to even several hundred mm. The above materials are used to manufacture structures and products in the chemical, aviation, space, energy, food, armaments and automotive industries.

The TIG method is used in a very wide range (various types of sheet thickness, pipes, water pipes, etc.). Our experience is supported by the orders we have performed during many investments. Customer satisfaction with Proffswelders TIG welding services is our priority. Do not hesitate any longer, high-quality TIG welding thanks to our qualified staff at Proffswelders is at your fingertips. Contact us and see our offer!


When we receive an inquiry, we analyse it and consult the client. We prepare an adequate cost estimate and then send it. The price depends on individual factors.

the order

Once the quote has been accepted and the fabrication drawings are approved, we begin fabricating your order. With a highly skilled workforce we fabricate efficiently and accurately.

We create samples

We create samples to show you what the final ordered item will look like. On their basis, we can illustrate the maximum effects we are able to achieve in this particular order.


We check it at every stage of the process, but we do not return the ordered products to the customer without a final, thorough quality control.

A specialised team

Giving You The Best Services

A carefully selected team of experts, who are also passionate about what they do, always ensure that they meet your expectations. A specialist supervises particular technological processes and every stage of contact with the client. Thanks to these processes, we always carry out orders in a precise manner, with attention to detail and technical parameters.
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Years Of Experience
As one of our major customers said, “Quality over the last 10 years hasn’t moved away from excellent.”

What we do

Welding & Repair services we offer…
Structural Steel Welding
Stainless Steel Welding
Pipe Welding & Repair
TIG Welding Services
MIG Welding Services
MAG Welding Services

What we do?

MMA Welding

MAG welding is a metal shielding gas welding process (GMAW) with active gas, in which the arc burns between a continuously fed melting wire electrode and the material.

TIG Welding

We have extensive experience in TIG welding services to meet the needs for light to medium steel manufacturing, fabrication projects and production welding.

MIG Welding

We offer MIG welding services for light to medium steel manufacturing, fabrication projects and production welding.

Customer Testimonial

At Proffswelders our welders believe a job done properly and honestly means a happy customer. Hear what some of our valued customers have to say about us:
Marcin is a fantastic welder who provided me with excellent customer service. Highly recommended.
Patryk Adamski
Construction Worker
Top notch job every time. Excellent work & great customer service. Highly recommended
Martin Thunström
Quality workmanship and attention to detail second to none. Don’t make a bad brew either. Highly recommended.
Jonas Ljung

General Welding FAQ's

Combined with adjusting the balance control to increase the electrode negative polarity—resulting in deeper penetration and tungsten that doesn't ball up—high AC frequency provides the ability to weld very tight joints with good penetration and without the risk of laying down too much filler metal.
For most mild steel applications, CO2 will provide adequate shielding, but when you must have a flatter bead profile, less spatter or better wetting action, you may want to consider adding 80 to 95% argon to your CO2 shielding gas mix. Argon is essentially inert to the molten weld metal and therefore will not react with the molten weld metal. When CO2 is mixed with Argon, the reactivity of the gas is reduced and the arc becomes more stable. But, Argon is more expensive. In production welding, selecting the perfect shielding gas can be a science of its own. Attributes such as material thickness, welding position, electrode diameter, surface condition, welding procedures and others can affect results.
For stick welding in general, DC+ polarity is most commonly used. It produces a good bead profile with a higher level of penetration. DC- polarity results in less penetration and a higher electrode melt-off rate. It is sometimes used, for example, on thin sheet metal in an attempt to prevent burn-through. (DC+ equals narrower bead profile with more penetration against DC- which equals wider bead profile with less penetration).

Quality & excellence

Complete design, manufacture, finishing, assembly, delivery service

Technical Support

To help you, we offers ongoing technical support to our customers.

We can deliver every stage in the manufacturing process that turns sheet metal into your finished components, including MIG, TIG, and spot welding.
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