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Proffswelders mainly operates on the Swedish and Polish markets.

Due to the dynamic development of the company, we offer a wide range of welding and locksmith services for both individuals and companies. You will find a wide range of services within our company’s offer. We only use equipment from reputable companies, and our structures and products are made with the highest quality materials. We provide great discounts for regular customers. We also provide our services as a main contractor as well as a subcontractor. We are happy to cooperate with other companies.

A specialised team

People and high quality are the pillars of our brand! As our employees are the foundation of our business, we can provide services at the highest level. A carefully selected team of experts, who are also passionate about what they do, always ensure that they meet your expectations. A specialist supervises particular technological processes and every stage of contact with the client. Thanks to these processes, we always carry out orders in a precise manner, with attention to detail and technical parameters. Taking care of the highest level of customer service, our specialists are always available for you, providing professional advice.


When we receive an inquiry, we analyse it and consult the client. We prepare an adequate cost estimate and then send it. The price depends on individual factors.

the order

Once the quote has been accepted and the fabrication drawings are approved, we begin fabricating your order. With a highly skilled workforce we fabricate efficiently and accurately.

We create samples

We create samples to show you what the final ordered item will look like. On their basis, we can illustrate the maximum effects we are able to achieve in this particular order.


We check it at every stage of the process, but we do not return the ordered products to the customer without a final, thorough quality control.

Always on time

As a reliable partner for cooperation, we respect your time and perform the tasks entrusted to us in accordance with the agreed deadlines. A large number of orders entrusted to us are components for various types of machine parts, devices or systems, which are key to the entire production process. We know very well that time matters here. Each of us has some time obligations – we to you, and you to your customers. We do not make promises without covering the express execution of the order, but we guarantee that everything will be on time!

Individual approach

Every customer is important to us, which is why we respond to your needs. We are not afraid of challenges and we are happy to accept orders that take into account the special wishes of the client. Our standard is the completion of orders to the highest level, even those with unusual requirements. Your expectations are a determinant of further cooperation with us, because we implement what our clients care about! By paying special attention to communication with the client, as well as within the company, we achieve the best results, which leads to a high level of satisfaction from cooperating with us.
We can deliver every stage in the manufacturing process that turns sheet metal into your finished components, including MIG, TIG, and spot welding.
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